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We are passionate Photographer.

Harish Varma, the eldest of the siblings, was as to the point as the photographs of his studio are. He stressed that the devotion towards the art shown by his father and later imbibed by himself and his younger brother Rajesh was the secret behind the phenomenal success and popularity of Moonlight Studio.
Varma emphasized that providing the best service to the customer was the motto of his studio. He strongly believes in establishing a relationship with his customer through the quality of his service and personal attention. That was primarily the reason that Moonlight is still operating from the same premises from where his illustrious father began a long and eventful journey, now treaded by his dutiful sons. Navin specializes in fine art wedding photography & cinematography, he is also listed in top wedding photographer in the country, Lalit has a degree in specialized advertisement and commercial photography. He also leads the photography institute, Gopal works towards modernization and expanding the business.


Varma is very particular in incorporating the latest technologies and advances made in his profession. He makes it a point to be part of a biennial exhibition which is held in Germany where the big-wigs of the industry assemble to promote their breakthroughs in photography.
For Varma, photography is not just a profession, its a passion.
Therefore, he has a fleet of  employees who are involved in the various ancillary services of photography like washing, processing, developing and finishing of the photographs, all done under one roof, making Moonlight not just a studio but truly, as their punchline goes, a one stop in photography.
Varma also plans to repay the profession which has given his clan so much by starting a photography school for amateurs as well as professionals just above the studio at Sitaburdi 2/3 years time.
Talking about his revolutionary 4-minute photograph offer, Varma proudly said that the machine he possessed was the only one available in the whole of India. He came across this machine in one of his visits to the exhibition in Germany and immediately placed an order with its parent company based in UK. The machine is now proving to be a boon for Moonlight and the people residing in the city and nearby areas. At the same time, it has become a bane for the innumerable small photo studios that earlier did some business.

Why Choose Moonlight?

Expert Team

Delivering a best service is not a play of single man. Behind every successful service, there is always a great team.

Professional skills

Photography is all about using the best equipment, tools, and software and knowing how to use them all correctly. Our Team know how to take great pictures and have excellent editing skill to make them ready according to the client’s requirements.

unique vision

Making memories, telling your stories through quality professional photography lasting for generations to come.